Original Oil Paintings

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site.

From an early age my favourite subject at school was art, this led to a one year art foundation course in 1991 after completing my A levels. Unfortunately at the end of the course I was told my portfolio was more suited to illustration than fine art, the latter of which I had wanted to study at university.

Following various ventures working in many mediums, I was at that age when I really needed a proper job! The only vaguely artistic job advertised was as a Persian carpet restorer, I took the job and stayed nearly 17 years.

In 2014, having renovated a cottage in Pebmarsh on the Suffolk/Essex boarder and my children becoming more independent, I decided to purchase some paints and have another go. In the same year my job came to an end so I decided to concentrate on my first love of painting and have not looked back.

My art teacher from the age of 12 to 16 was my biggest inspiration and it was her who introduced and taught me to oil paint. My pictures are mainly small still life studies on gessoed board with subjects which include produce, grown, picked, painted then cooked at home or collected from walks in the local countryside with my dog.

I have a fascination with the natural world and want to capture that beauty in an artistic moment, revelling in the mood of light which makes the colour and texture of everyday items so interesting.

I have exhibited in galleries and local exhibitions and have painted with successful painters Julian Merrow Smith and Martin Kinnear. If you are interested in my work and would like free updates of latest paintings or exhibitions, please subscribe below.

I also teach oil painting day courses, for more details please email me via my contact tab. These are small classes with a maximum of four students and are suitable for beginners, gift vouchers are also available.


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